Friday, June 1, 2007

leaving NetZero, going to Qwest DSL

Doug called the show: he's leaving NetZero (as his dial-up ISP), moving to Qwest DSL...and wants to "convert" his e-mail (from NetZero to Qwest).

The NetZero Free ISP offers (ad-supported free internet access, including) free webmail. After reviewing the NetZero website, I assume that, as long as you have a NetZero account...even a free can access your NetZero webmail. So, until you are sure you want to, don't close your NetZero Free account.

I found this on their website...
"Important note for Free NetZero members: To take advantage of offline email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, you must upgrade to a Platinum or HiSpeed 3G account...

"The easiest way to access your NetZero email is by using Email on the Web..."

NetZero offers free online support:

You can get assistance via email...

If you want to talk to a NetZero representative, it might cost $1.95 per minute (paid by credit card): 24 hours a day, seven days a week...1-877-912-5866