Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Logitech extends the Notebook

One of the greatest features of laptop computers is that you can just about take them everywhere. The downside to all this mobility can actually be the lack of it as well. Notebooks in most cases tie you to them. Want to send an email? You would be in front of the notebook to type it out.

The Hip Twist will be a condition we will no doubt hear about in another 10 years that will rival carpal tunnel. Hip Twist, my own definition, is achieved by the twist of the body to type on that other keyboard on the laptop, separate from your work system.

Logitech has a solution that not only looks good but also is easy on the pocketbooks! The Alto Cordless is a system that allows the user to place the notebook computer on a stand which features a USB 2.0 hub with three ports. The ease of the unit is to flip open and snap together. After that is done, easily connect the notebook (up to 15.4) running XP or Vista with an available USB port. The Cordless keyboard runs off 2 AAA batteries and has many of the features found in Logitech Keyboards. The full size keyboard includes many buttons for customizing and easily selecting functions for multimedia, internet and applications. While the unit could be carried in a notebook bag, it's more for the desktop fixture and with the wireless keyboard can be used without having to twist the body to type.

I saw this unit at Costco for under $60 and the MSRP is $99 More Info can be found at

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