Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dell announces ProSupport for IT, and good news it is!

"Dell Breaks the Mold of Tradional Support" reads the headline out of Round Rock, Texas, as they announced ProSupport for IT in hopes of "Breaking the mold of tradional, one size fits all, services offerings..." (For the full Dell press release click here.)

As an IT professional whose employer uses Dell workstations, servers and other periphrals almost exclusively (we have a few Mac's, a workroom full of Xerox printers, etc.) it has been a love/hate relationship when it comes to getting Dell Customer Service Representatives (DCSR) to provide what I need and in the time frame I need it.

Either the experience is unbelievably easy and quick or I end up wishing I was chewing broken glass rather than spend another moment with an unresponsive, sub-human being whose singular goal appears to get me to hang up out of frustration. (The later scenerio has become quite rare in the BUSINESS world, but still prevalent in the HOME user enviroment.)

The ProSupport for IT website seems intuitive and rich in content...it is my intent to report my personal experiences in depth as I 'test' the site AND when next I need IT support from Dell.Stay tuned!

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