Monday, March 17, 2008

StarGate Worlds MMO to ‘open the Gate’ for SG-1 fans

By DDTechGuy
Many fans of the Star Gate SG-1 series are getting their first glimpses of a new chapter in the SG franchise. One that will literally fulfill personal fantasies all around: The ability to step through a Stargate; flow through a wormhole and onto strange new worlds!

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment announced early in 2006 that work had begun on a new MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) based on the hit Sci-Fi television series StarGate SG:1…the fans and the critics immediately caught the vision and have been talking about it ever since.

For the next two years CME began building its dream team, adding developers, coders, marketing and P.R. reps, and gathered investors; while at the same time began developing a new online community to breathe life into this venture.

The producers of SGW began tossing kindling into the smoldering fire again around the beginning of this year with contests to win cash and get your own image scanned into the game.

New trailers have been showing up during the television shows, online and now, with the release of the latest DVD in the SG:1 series, Stargate: The Ark of Truth, comes more teasers, including one of the “Comedy Line Countdown” commercials, made by fans and uploaded to the SGW YouTube website. (This is my personal favorite è “Oiling myself…”

I’ll be watching – and participating in – the forums closely for breaking information on the release of this MMORPG and begging for a chance to beta test this beautiful and exciting new chapter in the Stargate saga…so stay tuned!

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