Thursday, November 13, 2008

USB ID (for humans and animals)

"Medic ID bracelets or medical alert emblems have only a word or phone number on them. MedicTag is designed to let you carry all your emergency information with you at all times..."

MedicTag is a USB digital memory chip drive that contains your emergency information. Any emergency service, ambulance, police or rescue squad with a laptop computer can have instant access to all your emergency information: emergency contacts, existing conditions, allergies, medications...

It could be useful to: joggers, cyclists, hikers , hunters, those with alzheimer's, those who live in areas where natural disasters could happen (hurricanes/fires/floods/earthquakes/tornados)...

The CARE Memory Band is a USB drive-integrated wristband.

For pets, there's the PetSafe Micro I.D. Rescue Collar (available in 3 sizes PETCO retail stores nationwide and online).

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