Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Tech Alternatives to Air Force One buzzing New York

We've no doubt heard of the incident that took place over the skys of Mahatten on Monday April 27th with a 747 in Air Force One colors and an F16 Chase plan. We've been told by Media Outlets and the Press Office of the Administration that the plane bieng used for a Photo Opportunity with the Statue of Liberty as the 747 flew over the monument. The fly-over brought terror to many as you can see in Various YouTube videos that have been posted which have demonstrated the memories many New Yorkers felt back to the terrible morning of September 11th, 2001.

What seems to us to be missing from the Administrations decision to how this could effect the businesses and residents of New York was the overlooking of technology and how this could have been completely rendered using products such as Adobe After Effects. Not only could the feelings of those on the ground and in evactuated building been spared but certainly the budget of over 350k it took to accomplish this photo-op, could have been reduced.

With a team of pros, this could have been completed and produced at certainly less the cost with dynamic results. Yes, having Air Force One available is great to have but in today's age of technology, a possibility of creating this could have been done with a helicopter capturing the footage of the New York Skyline and Statue of Liberty and merged together with footage of the 747 or digitally rendered. We have the technology, this would have been a great time to use it.

This would be a great time for a Digital Artist to create the effect and submit it to the Administration to demonstrate the possibilities with today's Digital Creation programs from Adobe After Effects to the popular Maya and Lightwave programs as well.


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