Friday, February 19, 2010

additional charge for online play of used games

The IGN (Imagine Games Network) website has posted an interview with the Hardware Marketing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment America, John Koller.

The future of purchasing used games, and needing to pay additional fees afterwards for online play, was discussed...

John Koller: "...As with many programs, we're investigating future opportunities...

"...We will continue to explore this as an opportunity for the platform going forward...

"...We're continuing to take proactive steps in the fight against piracy and believe this new initiative will be of benefit to the gaming industry."

IGN: How will fans react to this anti-piracy feature?

John Koller: "From our research, this will be received quite positively...

You have been warned.

Before you purchase any game, new or used, check to see if you will be allowed to play online for free.

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