Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wheres the other Bloggers?

It's funny, I've been jumping on here for the last few days and adding to the blog and knew as soon as I would do that, Slick would stop blogging! At least here. Slick has another blog that is really well done but I do miss his post on here and hope he realizes he isn't stepping on toes when he blogs..he's always so afraid about the toes thing. Other than that we're ramping up for a couple of things including the Holiday Gift Giving Season and how Tech will play into some of the choices this year. The Magic price points will be between 299 and 399 for electronics.

I've already decided I would love to get myself a iPod Touch. Even thought I really don't need an MP3 player, audio device, they look so very cool! I'm in my phone contract so an iPhone isn't on the list but the touch seems like it would be fun to play with. Whats on your list?

Just got in the new Medal of Honor Airborne from EA for the PC. We're excited to be able to take a look at the full control that is supposed to be available with the characters. We'll be sure to give you the heads up on the gameplay as well as the Multi-player capability as well.



At October 11, 2007 at 7:48 PM , Blogger S!ick said...

"...Slick has another blog...he's always so afraid about the toes thing..."

Things that, I don't feel, aren't very focused for this blog I post to the other blog (

After the shows, it takes me a while to get enough productive "me" time before I can construct posts for this other words, I don't have an office/studio where I can lock out distractions.

And, he's right: before I post something on this blog that our audience would find questionable, I'll post it on the other one. This way Andy is still innocent, and not need a lawyer. I'll be the only one sued. Again...


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