Thursday, March 20, 2008

Digsby Opens Public Beta With a Ton of New Features!

Digsby, the Instant Messenger & social network manager program that has been in private beta for the pc, released its public beta today. (soon to be adding support for Mac OS X and Linix!)
But todays release brought a slew upgrades and additional features to boot! Support for Twitter has been added, as well as:
* Added audio/video chat across IM networks
* Added inline spell checking in English with more languages coming soon
* Added a “Listening To” status to show what song is playing in Winamp or iTunes
* Added Block/Unblock to the right click menu of a buddy and the dropdown menu in an IM window
* Added preferences for what Digsby should do when running full screen applications like games
For a complete list of features and to view the evolution of this program, check out the changelog Digsby's website.
Be sure to let us know about your experience with this uber tool!


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