Thursday, August 7, 2008

Spelling On the Road and Deserted Burgers

I am in California and visiting my Mom and stepdad Michael who has been recovering from treaments to battle cancer. It has been a tough road for him and we are optimistic that he will recover and regain use of his legs which have also been affected during his treatments. Your best wishes and thoughts for recovery are most appreciated.

In the trip out here yesterday, which we did in the car via the I-10 from Tucson to Huntington Beach, we saw some very strange things. One of them was a hamburger stand we went to many years ago when we lived in Coachella. This stand had some fabulous burgers and was one of the last stops between Coachella and Blythe. We always looked forward to stopping and grabbing a bite to eat here however when the road trips became less frequent between the two cities, we ended up forgetting the little burger stand.

On our trip we decided to make the stop and was surprised to see that the stand in Desert Center was closed. Not only was it closed but it deserted in a way you would see in a film such as I am Legend or Dawn of the Dead. Broken Glass, equipment and supplies still in stock and the floors crowded with debris. I grabbed my Camera and snapped a few shots:

Broken Glass and split counters with a Coke Machine still inside:

The Building itself has been vacant for some time. A Calender on the wall had 2004 as the last time the calender had been turned.

And lastely, looking inside the husk of the building - Abandoned

I found a link with a picture of the building in better times.
I can only imagine how this place looks at night, I think I would keep driving. On my trip I did notice something very strange. People have given up on spelling and I have the pictures to prove it. Tommorow I will share that with you. Thanks for reading.

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