Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thanks for your thoughts

For those that listen to the weekly radio show, you know over the last few months I had made quite a few trips to California to visit my Mom and stepdad Micheal who was diagnosed with Cancer about a year ago. Back in May, the cancer spread to his spine leaving him unable to walk. My mom went with the doctors and put him in a rehab facility while he underwent radiation therapy to weed out and kill the cancer. Michael was a former soldier and served the country in Korea and Vietnam. The battle he was facing was unlike the ones he had ever seen before.

Michael wanted to come home and be in the house where he and my mom had led a happy and fun life for the past 18 years.

Mom made the arrangements, and brought Michael came home. He was happy to see the bird and turtle and just as happy to look out the window and see his garden that he had not been able to tend to but provided him some comfort. Michael was happy to see the neighbors who stopped by and checked on him and my mom. He was just happy to be home.

Last night at about 3:30am, peacefully in his sleep, he went home again.

Your wishes during the last year have meant alot to my mom, to Michael and our family. He will be laid to rest in the Veterans Cemetary in Riverside.

To all Veterans, thank you and to those with a loved one facing this battle, our thoughts are with you.



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