Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zoom: Handy Video/Audio Recorder Q3

Handy Video/Audio Recorder Q3

Is it really a handy audio and video recorder?
Well according to all reports and a review by the "GizWiz" it seems to work well enough for the price.
With this Q3 you should be able to do quick shooting with great stereo sound and descent video (640x480)with a digital zoom. For editiing is has a built in USB cord and also comes with a 2GB SD card (and will take up to a 32GB SDCH card.
Did I mention that it records in stereo! It has two condenser mics. These mics X/Y are directionals so that you can focus the mics on the sound sourse. It also has built in audio meters. You can also just record the audio without using the video side. and it all runs on two AA batteries.
Accessories include: windscreen, AV cable, soft carrying pouch, 2GB SD card and AA/LR6 trial batteries. Optional accessories are a Mic clip adaptor and an AC adaptor.


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