Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Space Shuttle ISS Fly By

Wow...I remember when the Air Force One flew into David Monthan Air Force Base a few years ago. It was thrilling to see the plane which represented the highest office in America on final approach. I was on the rooftop of the old Arizona Honda building with my good friend Tom Matte who owned the place and we tried all morning to spot the plane. At the end of the Morning Show shift, we had noticed a plane flying along the edge of the Catalina Mountains. I grabbed the super powerful binoculars we had and saw the outline of the 747. As we watched the plane continue to desend and head towards Marana, it turned and began its final approach over Tucson. It was hair standing on the back of the neck as the majestic aircraft flew over our heads. It was pretty damn cool to watch.

I just had another one of those moments in the skies above tucson as the International Space Station and shuttle took a flight over the city. I had been scanning the skies for about 10 minutes when I saw a light moving across the sky, no flashing beacon, no landing light, and it was going at quite a clip. Behind it, moving at about the same velocity was a fainter light,moving along the same path. It was visable for about 3 minutes and soon was out of sight. Seeing it though was a thrill. There is still time to check it out, Thursday will be another 3 min pass. Check out the website at http://spaceflight1.nasa.gov/realdata/sightings/cities/view.cgi?country=United_States&region=Arizona&city=Tucson


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